Bulk Bag Handling System Features & Benefits:

  1. Dual Performance Delivery
  2. Speed Mixing
  3. Rapid Hydration & Dispersion
  4. Dust-Free Mixing
  5. Disposable & Non-Disposable Bulk Bags
  6. Compact Design

When a bulk bag is lowered into the bulk bag docking station, the disposable bulk bag is pierced and open from the massive weight of the bulk bag. The powder content is rapidly drawn from the bulk bag through the hermetically sealed suction assembly that is connected to the HydroDyne Jet Pump feed inlet.

Patent No. 8,622,715




Please click on the corresponding links below to view a PDF file of our Bulk Bag Handling System Models:

Bulk Bag Handling System Model C-BBS-45CF-04A

Bulk Bag Handling System Model C-BBS-45CF-06A