AZ Self-Dumping Dewatering Hopper Features and Benefits:

  • Two Vertical Filter Panels provides a large filter surface area for rapid dewatering
  • Filter back-flush capability
  • One-step dewatering in a portable hopper
  • Single safety latch for tilting and dumping hopper
  • Non-blinding Vertical Filter Panels (do not blind off like horizontal filter media)
  • Replaceable filter panels with wide choice in micron size filter cloth

Sludge and slurries can easily be transferred to the AZ Dewatering Self-Dumping Hopper for instant solids separation and dewatering by gravity drainage. Solids/liquid separation can be accelerated utilizing an air diaphragm pump. The air diaphragm pump can be connected to the hopper drainage port located below the safety latch. A strong vacuum is generated as the sludge level covers the drainage port resulting in rapid dewatering. The air diaphragm pump serves two purposes;

  1. Accelerates the separation and dewatering process and
  2. Delivers the clean liquid to a desired disposal location. Dewatered sludge is mobilized with a fork lift truck for dumping in a large roll-off container, designated dumping station or land farm location.


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