Achieve Optimal Mixing and Dispersion with the AZ Mixing Eductor

Mixing Edutor

Whether you’re working with powders, emulsions, or viscous liquids, getting the right consistency is crucial for product quality and performance. The AZ Mixing Eductor from Compatible Components Corporation provides superior mixing and dispersion for industrial applications using an innovative static mixing technology.

This eductor has a range of features that enable it to outperform other mixing methods. It has a stainless steel construction and no moving parts, making it low-maintenance. The non-circular twin turbine nozzle creates geometrically opposing vortices for rapid particle hydration and solubility. The AZ Mixing Eductor is easy to disassemble for cleaning and offers CIP capabilities.Key benefits of the AZ Mixing Eductor include preventing lumps and fish-eyes, allowing uniform blending even with difficult ingredients like hydrocolloids and polymers. It enables high-speed dosing and mixing without using mechanical shear. The result is a consistent, quality mixture every time. From foods to pharmaceuticals, this static mixer can improve mixing processes across industries. It effectively hydrates and disperses ingredients like [list examples from HTML code]. The AZ Mixing Eductor is backed by US Patent 8,622,715.For unbeatable mixing performance in a low-maintenance, easy to use system, the AZ Mixing Eductor is an ideal solution. Its innovative technology and superior results can enhance product quality and reduce process times. Check out the PDF performance charts or request a quote to see how Compatible Components Corporation can improve your mixing.