Specialty Products

AZ Sludge Hog

The AZ Sludge Hog can be used for cleaning oil retention booms. Oil retention booms can be quickly washed, cleaned and vacuumed simultaneously. Oily sludge can be dislodged and drawn into a powerful suction without losing a drop to contaminate beach sand or enter back into the water. This can be accomplished with the “SLUDGE HOG.” In a matter of seconds, a conventional pressure washer can be converted into a powerful vacuum.

The “SLUDGE HOG” is a novel jet pump that embodies a high pressure jet and a Venturi for displacing oily sludge and lifting the sludge through a powerful suction to be routed to a collection tank.


VorSpin MultiPhase Separator

The VorSpin Multi-Phase Separator separates oil, water and solids utilizing centrifugal force….



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