Mixing and Blending

Mixing Eductor Small

AZ Mixing Eductor

AZ Mixing Eductor is designed for
liquid or slurry applications,
The AZ Mixing Eductor hydrates
polymers without any moving parts.

Bulk Bag Handling System

The Bulk Bag Handling System provides
a safe, effective method of mixing mud
additives into the active mud system
directly from large bulk bags.

 Tank Eductors2

AZ Tank Eductor

The AZ Tank Eductor provides
Unmatched tank agitation while
Suspending solids.


SAFECHEM Mixing Tank

The SAFECHEM Mixing Tank features
a hinged, closed hood that contains
a bag slitter that opens the bag without
product loss.

AZ Inline Static Mixer

The AZ Inline Static Mixer is
a new and novel geometrical
approach in boundary layer control
for motionless mixing.


Chaos Mixer

The Chaos Mixer provides filtration
enhancement through hydraulic shear.


Conical Mixer

The Conical/Venturi
Mixer is in a class by itself,
called “induction mixing”
which will enhance the mixing



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